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TPC China Co., Ltd.

  • NO,300, Jinbai Rd , Jinshan Industial Zone, Jinshan, Shanghai · Tel: 021-6727-7733 / 021-6727-7799
    · Fax: 021-6727-7755 / 021-6727-6758
    · Email: leebh@tanhay.com, taebh@tanhay.com
  • Sales of factory automation parts
  • Shanghai Office Chinese:
    English: NO,500, Jinbai Road , Jinshan Industrial Zone, Shanghai
    Tel: 021-6727-7733
    Fax: 021-6727-7755

    Beijing Office Chinese:
    English: Room B1013, Landao Building, 347 East Yunjing Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing
    Tel: 010-6943-9047
    Fax: 010-6943-9048

    Dongguan Office Chinese:
    English: Room 1908, Tenglong Business Center, Guan Tai Road, South City District, Dongguan
    Tel: 0769-2199-6001
    Fax: 0769-2199-6002

    Ningbo Office Chinese:
    English: Room 412, 28 Fanya Center, 636 East Duantang Road, Haishu District, Ningbo
    Tel: 0574-8781-2451
    Fax: 0574-8781-2452

    Suzhou Office Chinese:
    English: Room F626,Hengfeng Building,26-6 North Tongjing Road, Jinchang District, Suzhou
    Tel: 0512-6932-0051
    Fax: 0512-6932-0053

    Tianjin Office Chinese:
    English: Room 9-505, Guangrong building ,Guangrong Road, Hongqiao District,Tianjin
    Tel: 022-2656-1150

    Shenzhen Office Chinese:
    English: Room 607, Nuobo Square, Bao'an 30 Area, Shenzhen
    Tel: 0755-2357-2850
    Fax: 0755-2780-6958

    Qingdao Office Chinese:
    English: Room 507,Qingteshanghao Square,No.617,Qingwei Road,Chengyang District,Qingdao City
    Tel: 0532-6776-1384
    Fax: 0532-6776-1394

TPC Pneumatics

  • TPC Pneumatics, as a member of Tanhay group, is managing Northern America, located in Santa Fe Springs, State of California. Your interest and inquiry adds great energy to us to develop new solutions.

    TPC Pneumatics aims to provide pneumatic solutions to users and machinery companies through Northern America network. We provide high quality pneumatic products with classy design and competitive price to industries such as medical, electronic, packing, food and special machinery manufacturing.

    Any inquiries are welcomed at any time. You will have quick reply for any types of product inquiries, and will have our promise for quick shipment from our storage in Santa Fe Springs, or will have the date of delivery through cooperation with a factory in Korea.

    Your interest and inquiries will be a great initiative to make a new solution.
    What shall we do for you?
  • 12411 McCann Drive, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 · Tel: (562)946-8459
    · Fax: (562)944-3785
    · Email: tpcpsales@tanhay.com (US and South America markets only)

Sonar Safety System

  • Sonar Safety Systems (SSS), as a member of Tanhay Group, is located in Santa Fe Springs, aiming for providing vehicle rear sensor for logistic industry. Hindsing20/20○R has been leading a rear sensor division since 1993. If hoping to receive necessary information, please contact us without hesitation.

    With sales activities over 780 companies, SSS is providing 10,000 products or more to logistic companies in U.S.A.

    Based on the outstanding performances in overseas market for last 25 years and experiences, capability and resources from the mother company, SSS is continuously running forward to achieve favorable outcomes by providing high quality products in competitive price.

    Any inquiries will be welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    · Email: sssi@tanhay.com