• APR Series
      Rodless Cylinder

      • Maximum stroke length 5,000mm
      • Proudct durability over 500km guaranteed
      • Reduced weight using lightweight parts
      • LM guide and shock abosorber options available
      APR Series Rodless Cylinder
    • NFB2 Series
      Compact Air Chuck

      • Space-saving cylinder
      • Able to design compact equipment
      • Equipped with double piston for high gripping force
      • Various pipe connection ports available
      • Various operning and closing strokes available
      • Various mounting available
    • RS2000 Series
      Plug-in Type 5 Port Pilot Solenoid Valve

      • Single, Double, 3 position , Dual 3 Port 4 Position Available
      • D-Sub Connecter, Flat Cable Connector, Terminal Block Type, SI Unit Available
      • IP65 for Terminal Block Type(RS2000) Available
    • Small F.R.L Series Added

      • Various piping sizes available
      • Easy space and piping saving
      • Installed with backflow function for residual air pressure on exhaust
      소형 F.R.L
    • AMRBR Series
      Magnetic Rodless Cylinder

      • Great impact energy absorption with rubber cusion or air cushion option
      • Rail for switchstandard option
      • Reduced mounting space
    • AQ2 Series
      Large Bore Size Compact Cylinder

      • Ø160~Ø200 bore size added
      • 10~20mm reduced mounting space compared to TCS series
    • NGQ Series
      Compact Guide Cylinder

      • Internal lateral load, high precision rotation prevention
      • Increasedcushion control range by applying pitch to the cushion valve
      • Minimized cushion bounching with optimal flow design
      • Increased fine adjustment range for cushion amount and prevents deviation of cushion valve
      NGQ시리즈(가이드 부착 콤팩트 실린더)
    • RS4000 Series
      Plug-in Type Solenoid Valve

      • Compact exterior design
      • Able to confirm correct coil operation through high brightness LED (2 color)
      • SI Unit available
      RS4000시리즈(플러그인타입 솔레노이드밸브)
      • NCS Series

        • LM Guide & Ballscrew Type Unit
        • Clean Type [Class 100(vacuum suction)]
        • Rigid structure with compact design
        • Easy to apply multi-axis combination
        • Customizable according to customer preference
        • Easy maintenance (inject grease easily)
      • TDB2000 Series
        Integrated/Separate, Built-in Control Functon

        • Integrates the strengths of step driver and servo driver
        • Low heat generation and excellent torque
      • TDB3000 Series
        Full Closed Loop

        • Intergates the merits of step driver and servo driver
        • Low heat generation and excellent torque
      • TDB1000 Series
        Step Motor Driver

        • DC12 ~ 48V(4.0A)
        • Bipolar
        • Resolution Max. 51,200
      • TDI Series
        Driver Integrated Motor

        • Motor + Driver
        • Searches origin without sensor
        • Error detection without encoder
        • Reduced heat due to coolstep feature
        TDI시리즈 드라이버 일체형 모터
      • EMC Series
        Electric Cylinder

        • Wear resistance and lateral load increased with double wearing teflon material
        • Equipped with anti-rotation rod to prevent origin fluctuation (standard option)
        • Double-nut type ball screw nut fastening prevents loosenin
        • All models equipped with bumper as standard
        • 3D Printer
          that makes your
          imagination a reality

        • 협업로봇


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